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Links to external sources

Links from JudaicaLink entities to external data sources.

This dataset contains a collection of links obtained using Silk.

Files: rujenDBpediaPlace.nt.gz: Rujen to DBpedia Places
rujenFreebase.nt.gz: Rujen to Freebase
rujenDBpediaAgent.nt.gz: Rujen to DBpedia Agents
rujenDM2E.nt.gz: Rujen to DM2E
rujenLGDOPlace.nt.gz: Rujen to Linked Open Geodata
yivoDM2E.nt.gz: YIVO to DM2E
YivoLGDOPlace.nt.gz: YIVO to Linked Open Geodata
yivoDBpediaAgent.nt.gz: YIVO to DBpedua Agents
yivoFreebase.nt.gz: YIVO to Freebase
yivoNYtimes.nt.gz: YIVO to NY Times
yivoDBpediaPlace.nt.gz: YIVO to DBpedia Places
yivoGeonames.nt.gz: YIVO to Geonames
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URI Slug: 2014links
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Maintained by: Dominique Ritze