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Encyclopedia Interlinks

Links between JudaicaLink entities and persons.

The first file includes only a very preliminary example for entity linking. This dataset so far contains only links between Rujen and Yivo.

The links are created based on DBpedia, i.e., if two entities are linked to the same DBpedia concept (potentially via different language editions), they are considered the same.

The second file contains links between the persons in all the existing datasets. For each group the transitive closure is also created and therefore each person is also interlinked to the external resources.

Links: 152 entities. 700 person groups interlinked. Maximum 24 resource per group
Files: interlinks.n3.gz: Links between JudaicaLink entities.
interlinks-04-enriched-09.ttl.gz: Links between JudaicaLink persons.
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URI Slug: interlinks
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Maintained by: Kai Eckert and Maral Dadvar