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JudaicaLink extracts structural information from various sources, making their described concepts as well as the relations between them accessible as Linked Open Data with stable URIs in the following datasets.


Footprints - Jewish Books through Time and Place

Footprints traces the history and movement of Jewish books since the inception of print.

Gidal Image Archive Gidal Image Archive contains information on the image collection from Ignaz Nachum Gidalewitsch. The Gidal Photography Collection comprises approximately 3,000 pictures documenting the history of Jews in Germany and Europe, covering in particular the areas of: important Jewish persons (approx. 1,200 pictures) Biblical and antique motives Jewish world history culture and religion anti-Semitism and Nazism Link to the collection: Gidal-archive The original collection has since been enlarged by: pictorial documents from the estate of the actress and cabaret artist Ruth Klinger, mainly on the Yiddish cabaret “Kaftan” in Berlin, which she founded and directed from 1930 to 1933 together with her husband Maxim Sakaschansky, and on the author Arnold Zweig, whose secretary she was in Haifa from 1943 to 1947, a large number of photos and picture postcards with the focus on Eastern Europe (synagogues, schools, etc.
Soundscape Synagogue

Soundscape Synagogue provides information on the musical heritage of Jewish communities in Europe.

Epidat - Epigraphical Database

Epidat is an epigraphical database of the Steinheim institute for jewish tombstones in Germany.

It serves as inventory, for documentation, edition and for presentation of epigraphical data. Currently, there are 228 digital editions with 39,998 tombstones (79,698 image files) online accessible. The archive in development and maintenance by Thomas Kollatz.

Entity Pages - Judaicalink

Entity Page data for Judaicalink. For further details see the documentation page

Linking Compact Memory - Pages

Page metadata description in RDF for pages in Compact Memory where an entity mention has been found. The dataset describes pages, journals, journal issues and their relations, along with a pointer to the visual representation of each page in the Visual Library.

Linking Compact Memory - Resources and References

References of Judaicalink resources (entities, mainly persons and places) in Compact Memory.

DBpedia and Wikipedia Geographical External Links

Links between JudaicaLink Locations and DBpedia/Wikipedia via Geonames

Yivo Encyclopedia

The YIVO Encyclopedia of Jews in Eastern Europe, courtesy of the YIVO Institute of Jewish Research, NY.

Translations for Rujen (Google) Automatic translation of abstracts and preferred labels to English and German using Google Translate.
Encyclopedia of Russian Jewry provides an Internet version of the Encyclopedia of Russian Jewry, which is published in Moscow since 1994, giving a comprehensive, objective picture of the life and activity of the Jews of Russia, the Soviet Union and the CIS.

Enrichment of Birth- and Deathdates This is work in progress. The idea is to parse all available dates and create these additional properties: jl:birthYear jl:birthMonth jl:birthDay Issues: birthDay might be confused with birthDate. birthDate should be the parsed datetime, current String representation should go to jl:birthDateString. Same for deathDate, of course.
Geographic Enrichment Dataset geographic enrichment through GeoNames. Introduced the use of birthLocationURI and deathLocationURI properties.
Resources on German-Jewish Education and Religion

Resources on German-Jewish Education and Religion provides access to bibliographical information on a variety of texts used in eighteen and nineteenth century Jewish education and religious practice, ranging from bible editions and anthologies, sermons and devotional works or textbooks and handbooks for Jewish education. The database is a beta-version and reflects a work in progress. It does not claim to be exhaustive and will need further development. However, some genres (i.e. sermons, hymn books, textbooks for Hebrew and religious instruction) are well represented in the data available.

The Library of Haskala

The Library of Haskala contains 525 books in German and Hebrew identified by leading scholars as Haskala literature.

Persons from NLI

This dataset contains the authors extracted from the authority file of National LIbrary of Israel.

Persons from ubffm

This first dataset contains authors names from Judaica collection of University Library of Frankfurt.

Stolpersteine in Mainz

The stumbling blocks are a project of the artist Gunter Demnig, which began in 1992. The small commemorative plaques laid in the ground are intended to commemorate the fate of people persecuted, murdered, deported, expelled or driven into suicide during the National Socialist era: Jews, people from the resistance, homosexuals, victims of euthanasia and other religious and ethnic groups.

Persons from DBPedia

List of persons from DBpedia.

Eine Jüdische Familie aus Aschaffenburg

The information regarding Hirsch family is gathered by Jüdische Leben in Unterfranken - Biographische Datenbank e.V. (Jewish Life in Lower Franconia - Biographical Database e.V. ).

Geographical Coordinates This dataset contains all the geo-coordinates of all the cities which are stated in the JudaicaLink datasets either as birth location or death location. All these coordinates as well as their GND-ids are extracted from GND entries of the corresponding cities when available.
Persons from GND

Persons from the Common Authority File (Gemeinsame Normdatei, GND) of the German National Library.

Encyclopedia Interlinks

Links between JudaicaLink entities and persons.

Biographisches Handbuch der Rabbiner

The Biographisches Handbuch der Rabbiner is an online encyclopedia provided by the Salomon L. Steinheim-Institute for German-Jewish history at the University of Duisburg-Essen, edited by Michael Brocke and Julius Carlebach.

Das Jüdische Hamburg

Das Jüdische Hamburg contains articles in German by notable scholars about persons, locations and events of the history of Jewish communities in Hamburg.

Links to external sources

Links from JudaicaLink entities to external data sources.

Hamburger Schlüsseldokumente zur deutsch-jüdischen Geschichte

Hamburger Schlüsseldokumente zur deutsch-jüdischen Geschichte is an online source edition realized by the Institute for the History of German Jews.


Entity Pages - Judaicalink

Support data for Entity Pages. For further details see the documentation page

Linking Compact Memory - Pages

Support data for Compact Memory - JL linking (pages).

Linking Compact Memory - Resources and References

Support data for references of Judaicalink resources in Compact Memory.

Translations for Rujen (Google) Support data for rujen translation.
Compact Memory Test Sample
Beacon file - JudaicaLink Persons

The Beacon file generated from JudaicaLink persons.

Newspapers Datasets Picture