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Mon, July 6, 2020

Relaunch of JudaicaLink

As part of our work in the FID Jewish Studies project, we redesigned and restructured the whole website.

After our deciscion to start JudaicaLink Labs, it became clear that the different parts of JudaicaLink, namely the static website, the data publication and now labs, needed a better integration, ideally in line with the FID portal.

JudaicaLink now uses a consistent design across all three applications. To distinguish them, we introduced three servernames - web, labs and data - and use three different colors for the sidebar to distinguish them.

The navigation between all three parts is seamless, for example all search functionalities are provided within labs, the dataset catalog is on web and the Linked Data representations of our data is on

We are still exploring the implications of this approach and will fine tune the user experience continuously.

The old logo:

The old logo

The old data visualization picture:

The old data visualization

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