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Wed, October 17, 2018

JudaicaLink to be used in Judaica-Europeana 2.0

The second phase of the Judaica-Europeanahas been selected for funding by the Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA) under its Connecting Europe programme, CEF Telecom. Judaica Europeana 2.0 continues the aggregation of Jewish heritage materials and will greatly increase and enhance digitised Jewish heritage materials available for re-use in education, research, tourism and leisure.
JudaicaLink will collaborate by providing a knowledge graph for contextualization. We look forward to our further collaborations.

This project will be managed by the Jewish Heritage Network (JHN) and coordinated by the Jewish Historical Museum, Amsterdam. It is due to start in 2019. Judaica-Europeana is a network of archives, libraries and museums working together to integrate access to the most important collections of European Jewish heritage.

To learn more about Europeana Collections, visit Europeana Pro.

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